Video is Still King of Content


Brands and Marketers have long stressed the benefit of content for providing customers and prospects with information and meaningful insight. Now with the rise of digital distribution and media channels has propelled content marketing to new heights and investments.

Brands interest in custom content marketing is a growing trend. The Content Council and ContentWise found 52% of North American companies used video for content marketing in just the last year, The cost efficiency of producing and distributing digital content and the ever-increasing amount of time population spends consuming digital media are two major factors driving a greater adoption of digital content marketing formats.  

A large portion (35%) of North American companies plan to invest more in content this year, with an even larger percentage (54%) expecting to do so with creating video content.  A report released in March 2012 from ContentWise and the Custom Content Council, North American content marketers spent $40.2 billion to produce and distribute content last year, up slightly from $40.1 billion for the year prior. Keeping with the old tradition, print used the majority of budgets (58.7%) last year. Other digital investment in digital content formats, such as websites and email, were slightly down, but spending on other forms of digital content marketing, which include events and video are up 44.4% this year.

One area of opportunity for website updates and growth is mobile.  As the US population continue to adopt smartphones and tablets at a rapid rate, mobile website traffic is bound to increase. As consumers search for information on smartphone devices, video content marketers will have to adapt their content assets to meet the needs and viewing requirements of this growing format.