We live in a time of unprecedented change and unparalleled opportunity for innovation in the media and entertainment industries.

Media Cartel is committed to being at the forefront of this revolution – continually
evolving to bring the best of the new technologies and distribution channels together with the finest
storytellers in the world.



Our Los Angeles and New York office headquarters is a full house with access to some of the
top tastemakers and influencers in the country.



Producer & Director

Jacob Silver has launched several successful corporate brands, including the video game, Call of Duty, and the Toyota Prius. He is well versed in the complexities of promoting brands with multiple stakeholders and building brands from zero.


Branding Strategist

Utilizing his versatile skill sets from the systems-engineering world and the film industry, Albert brings dynamic insight and a unique approach to developing branding strategy. He has flipped mere ideas to full stack brands for clients.

Kimberly P

Kimberly P.

E-Business Consultant

Working directly with inventive and creative entrepreneurs is where Kim thrives. Her dual background in the business and education fields enable her to structure real business solutions while turning client vision from concept to reality.



SEO/SEM Strategist

A bonafide authority and recognized expert on search engine optimization. Guye is directly responsible for nearly record-breaking first page and #1 Google listings which has enabled him to work with Boeing, Warner Bros., Nissan, Levi’s & Mercedes Benz.